I’ve probably spent the better part of a year thinking about this blog, planning it, discussing it, dismissing it, dissing it and embracing it. As I’m sure my intimates will agree.

I’ve asked for advice from several about creating and maintaining a blog, in addition to Googling, librarying, bookstoring and inquiring as to what makes a (well-read) blog. The typical response seems to be having a consistent theme or topic: Cooking blog. Crafts. Politics. Sports. Something familiar to engage the regulars. And I agree; I check in with my favourite themed sites to catch their latest posts about what I think is awesome. Which brings me to the second thing I’ve learned – post regularly.

As a result, I’ve decided to be consistently varied with my blog posts, regularly. Time travel, killer plants, an odd orbiting continent, music, mid-70s American presidents, 4-stringed instruments, political cartoons, pencil crayons, Québécois hockey players, alien conspiracies, mid-Toronto museums… heck, I don’t really know. But my common denominators through every post will be – and this I pledge – creativity and imagination. Plus, of course, irreverence.

I encourage you to read between the lines. Don’t blame me if you read between the lines.



Andrew R. Last
The publisher of alastic.ca


*Screen capture is from my copy of the Citizen Kane DVD