“Would you please… welcome to the stage…

The Omniscients!
Fungus Phone!
The Underground Kite!
The Deviate Degree!
Dwellers of the Hairy Netherworld!
Scarbelly and the Hangmen!
Hangman’s Eye!
The Hangmen!
The AMC Band!
Bobby and the Automatics!
The BBC Band!
The Silver Tones!
The Hang Ten Gallon Hats!”


From rough beginnings: a selected sampling of songs

The Omniscients – Eggs. Written by Stephen Tomins, Greg Hood-Morris and Andrew Last

The Underground Kite – In Her Day. Written by Greg Hood-Morris

The Deviate Degree – Wonders Here at Eight. Written by Greg Hood-Morris

Scarbelly and the Hangmen – Killing Floor. Written by Howlin’ Wolf

The Hangmen – You Give Me Nothing But The Blues. Written by Ronnie Earl

Paintbox – My Defense. Written by Craig Kearse

The AMC Band – Explosion. Written by Craig Kearse

The Silver Tones – (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister. Written by Ian Brown and John Squire

The Hang Ten Gallon Hats – Take On Me. Written by Paul Waaktaar,  Magne Furuholmen and Morten Harket