I drew a perfect circle with my own free hand!


I accidentally drew this perfect ring using a red ballpoint pen.
Cross my heart.


As you can see in the scan above, I quickly, and using freehand, drew a red circle around some to-do items in my work notes. I’ve redacted the names of my clients to protect the innocent.

How do I know this is a perfect circle? I used mathematics.

The tools I used to determine the pristine roundness of my circle.
I added the slide rule for a greater illusion of mathematical accuracy.


I needed to find the centre point of the circle to verify its perfect orbit. I scanned the image and enlarged it, then drew three chords that touched the circle’s circumference in two places before locating their midpoints (figure A). Next, I drew perpendicular lines from these points. Where these lines crossed was the centre point of my circle (figure B).

I think this is called “geometry.”


As proof, I tested my hypothesis with a compass.

Roundroundround and round!


So, what does it all mean?

After this discovery I began to notice circles popping into my life everywhere. It was uncanny; first the universe guided my hand to perfect roundness, then it began to communicate with me directly by placing circles in my path. But what was the universe trying to tell me? Here’s just a small sampling of these messages from the astral plane:

Steamwhistle TireFourSquarePower SewerAndrewMirrorDishSphere
That last one was a *sphere* — I can’t imagine what message the universe had for me there….

Not to mention:




Unfortunate advice

I decided to approach Alastic.ca for some advice  and meaning on all this. But of course all Alastic.ca could see was the monetary potential my story had and sold the rights to Hollywood.

Watch for Vicious Circle starring Ryan Reynolds coming soon: “A story… of a man… propelled by destiny. And his one true love. Kept apart… by an indifferent universe. Can he use his circular logic to come round to his destiny? Only the circle of time will tell.”