Lamenting 2016 as an annus horribilis is popular as we approach 2017, as this link suggests:

(YouTube) 2016: The Movie

Before I jump to any similar conclusions, I want to take this opportunity, and use this forum, to protect the innocent. The numbers two, zero, one and six are not to blame. Just check out this sampling of the good things that these numbers, rearranged to form nicer years, brought us:

1602 Andrew, as a time traveller, attends the first known production of Twelfth Night in London.

1260 King Louis IX of France attends the dedication of the Cathedral of Chartres. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, something King Louis predicted, very surprisingly, in his speech after his icebreaker joke.

2061 The year that Odyssey Three, the second sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey takes place. Those troublesome monoliths are still poking their blocky heads into human affairs.

261 The luxurious heated Roman baths at Caracalla are completed. They are taken over in the sixth century by Ostrogoths, who are tired of their parents nagging them to take more showers.

6102 Andrew is unfrozen and released from his cryochamber. After a few weeks doing odd jobs and vacationing in Andromeda, he becomes the world’s foremost expert on the year 2016 and embarks on a lengthy lecture tour.

Happy new year. Annus mirabilis 2017!