I bought an old-timey label maker recently and organized the spice drawer.

Label Maker

Well, in labeling the canisters, I realized, through sheer happenstance and the fact that it’s impossible to change the font size in old, manual label makers, that I invented the cast to the science-fiction story I desperately want to see.

Spicy Cast

So, here’s a list of the characters. Please give me a bit more time to come up with the story, climax, ending, movie rights, awards speech and so on….

Cori Ander
I put Cori first because she’s essentially the hero of the story. But a flawed hero. While she always strives to do the right thing and is an excellent space-marine battlefield commander, she has a fatal weakness: she’s secretly searching the galaxy for her long-lost half sister and no-one knows this (save one, see below). Will she betray her friends to find her?

Chip Otle
Chip is a sun-of-a-gun. Reliable and great to have around. However, will his sense of humour cost his friends dearly (or has it already?) There’s something about his past he’s not communicating, or masking in jokes. After all, one doesn’t break a contract signed with the Asteroid Ore Mining Guild without any repercussions….

Pap Rika
Pap, or Sira Rika as he likes to be addressed (taking the honourary title of a senior counsellor) has seen a few winters. Long peaces, short wars, disasterous planetary colonizations, and, between you and me, more than a couple planetary coups. His attendance, although as a backbencher, to humanity’s only inter-planetary first contact secures his place in history. Seems a shame he’s always trying to change history in the process. Yet Cori sees something in him many don’t. Plus he may have information about Cori’s half sister – if only he can remember.

Yeah, he’s a sage. He figures he’d just call himself “Sage.” He’s not fooling anyone, though, His biggest critic is someone who renamed herself “Critic.” Touché.

Cil Antro
Cil is close to being the saga’s hero. Although she doesn’t have Cori’s pedigree, she’s great at making mistakes… and learning from them. However, her greatest mistake involved the accidental loss of her lover, Mar Joram. She’s lived a long life of remorse and atonement. Yet recently she heard a rumour, from the unreliable Sage, that Mar may yet be alive. This gives her strength, yet foreboding. Would Mar understand what she did, and why she did it?

Mar Joram
Okay, let’s get to Mar, since I just mentioned him above. He was a man born on the wrong side of the interplanetary spaceway, and at a young age became infatuated with a young Cil Antro. He loved the excitement and adventure, and of sticking it to the established structure of planetary colonization procedure. However, in a rash, yet potentially lucrative expedition, he seemingly lost his life, following the explicit plan of his lover, Cil. Yet….

Cinn and Card Amon
Cinn and Card are a brother-sister team responsible for most of the suffering experienced by our characters. Their evil mother, the nut Meg, raised them as rivals in order to find who was the stronger to leave her galactic empire to. However the very pragmatic Cinn and Card deposed (and dispatched) their mother and currently rule the empire as co-regents (despite some minor sibling rivalry). There’s a rumour that they have an interest in Mar Joram, the product of an ancient prophesy, although this is has been dismissed publicly by Pap Rika.

Par Sley
Par, or Rogue Sley as he likes to be called, is a no-nonsense extractor and dealer of the natural-occurring spice deposits of a particularly antagonistic lifeform called the Gin-fennel-ger. This rare animal secretes the valuable spice in nest deposits, yet defends them aggressively. Cori Ander hired him for an odd job, and he’s been in love with her ever since, even tailoring his nefarious activities so’s to impress her with his new-found (and legitimate?) altruism.

Turm Eric
Eric (as he likes to be called) is a kid, and his destiny is at a crossroads. He did not get accepted into the space-marine cadet force, yet sees opportunity in the unlawful smuggling gang led by his friend’s older sister Rose Mary (don’t let the name fool you). Is there a reason why Cori Ander personally denied his application?

Rose Mary
Rose is a hard-edged leader of a group of child smugglers. Her wards commit crimes, not for profit, but to compete for her approval. Was she good once? No evidence points to this yet.

Ginger is a castaway on an uncharted desert isle. She made the mistake of chartering a three-hour tour with a skipper who employs a goof of a first mate. She made sure to include her collection of dressing gowns for the mid-afternoon tour, which served her well as changes of clothes for her decades as a castaway.

(okay, ignore that last one. I think I’m getting tired. Signing off.)